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Aesthetic Finish

professional concrete specialist working on aesthetic finish

At Portland Concrete Finishing Specialists we offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing concrete finishes. We would love the chance to show you what we can do to improve the look of your concrete surfaces. Some of the most popular finishes that we offer include acid wash and staining. Both are unique and have their own set of advantages. We have the expertise needed to effectively assist with any of your service needs, big or small. This is because we received the necessary training and experience needed to help us produce the finest results possible, which we have been successful at doing for more than two decades.

Efficient Aesthetic Finish Services

It is easy for us to assist you in producing the results that you are paying us for because we work with the most qualified team of professional concrete contractors in Portland. Some service providers will rush through the job so that they can make more money. The more time they spend on one particular job the less time they will have to handle more work. We never rush through a job, as we operate with integrity, which means we take our time to effectively address your service needs.

Effective Acid Wash Services

There are some advantages to acid-washed concrete surfaces. They offer a very unique appearance, cost-effective, require low maintenance, and are very easy to clean. There are also a variety of styles and designs that you can select from, which include:

  • Stenciling during installation
  • Applying an overlay after it has been acid washed
  • Stenciling to emboss specific patterns into the concrete after it has been acid washed
  • Etch patterns, such as stone, tile, or brick
  • Etched monograms

It is also resistant to chipping, staining, discoloration, and cracking, which also makes it a practical choice.

Quality Staining Services

Our staining services are just as popular as our acid wash services and possibly even more so. It is also affordable, offers a luxurious, high-end look, and it is resilient; which means it can stand up to a lot of traffic if applied to the floor. Due to its adaptability, it can be applied to any type of concrete surfaces, old and new. We often apply concrete staining in the following areas:

  • Walkways
  • Vertical concrete surfaces
  • Basement floors
  • Patios
  • Commercial flooring
  • Garage floors

We use a specially formulated chemical formula that helps us to stain your surfaces and offer permanent changes to its appearance.

Why Hire Portland Concrete Finishing Specialists

You couldn’t find a more qualified team of professional concrete contractors in Portland than right here at Portland Concrete Finishing Specialists. We have received professional training, which enables us to offer you the aesthetic finish of your choice. Since we source our commercial-grade stains from the most reputable manufacturers, we can offer a variety of styles and colors. We’ll make sure we understand what you want before applying your stain. This affords you the chance to get what you are paying us for. We offer you guaranteed satisfaction.

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